Posted by: Kirsten | Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Keen Arrival Captions: What’s in a name?

Keen Arrival Captions: What’s in a Name?

“An anagram (Greek ana- = “back” or “again”, and graphein = “to write”) is the result of permuting the letters of a word or words in such a manner as to produce other words that possess linguistic meaning. The meaning of the new word so created is seen in the context of or in contrast to that of the old word so as to create humorous or interesting associations between the two. Anagrams are a type of word play.”

Using the letters in the phrase [National Park Service] I was able to come up with many descriptive passages that amazingly align with one or more National Park Service administered areas.  In fact, the phrase “Keen Arrival Captions” is also an anagram of “National Park Service”.

Are you ready?  Here are just some of the ones I’ve come up with:  {List © 2006, Jon Tyler Merryman}

  • Death Valley Nat’l Park (A Solar Park Incentive)
  • Moores Creek Nat’l Battlefield (Creek Variation Plans)
  • Cape Hattaras Nat’l Seashore (Pelican Narratives OK)
  • Trail of Tears Nat’l Historic Trail (Trail Variance Spoken)
  • Great Smoky Mountains Nat’l Park (Native Carolina Perks)
  • Kenai Fjords Nat’l Park (Native Parka Licensor)
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Nat’l Historic Site (In Parks Via Tolerance)
  • Delaware Water Gap Nat’l Recreation Area (Active in Personal Ark)
  • Glacier Nat’l Park (Rival Peaks Container)
  • Aztec Ruins Nat’l Monument (Kiva Planter Scenario)
  • Wrangell-St. Elias Nat’l Park & Preserve (Inter-Alaska Province)
  • Channel Islands Nat’l Park (Proven Catalina Skier)
  • Acadia Nat’l Park (Airier Plankton Caves)
  • Bering Land Bridge Nat’l Preserve (Travels on Ice in a Park)
  • Boston Nat’l Historical Park (Evil Tea Scorn in a Park)
  • Virgin Islands Nat’l Park (Seek Tropical Nirvana)

And there are a LOT more!  Stay tuned for future installments adding to this list.  Are there any YOU can come up with?  Or as an alternative, take a park’s name and scramble the letters to create your own anagrams.  Example: “Pinnacles” = “Nice Plans”…!

Parke Diem!
— Jon

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