Posted by: Kirsten | Friday, 3 October 2008

Shaping the Presidency at Mount Vernon

On October 14th, the Mount Vernon Education Department and the Fairfax Network will tape the next broadcast, Shaping the Presidency, with historian Joseph Ellis, news commentator and historian, Cokie Roberts, and historian and director of education for the White House Historical Association, John Riley. You can register for the broadcast, which will air on October 23rd, or request a complimentary DVD, by contacting the Fairfax Network. To help you relate the upcoming  presidential election to George Washington’s own historic election, a Shaping the Presidency unit of lesson plans is available on the website.

Would your students like to be on tv?  E-mail questions from your students that focus on how George Washington shaped the presidency and how the executive office has changed since inception – or anything they would like to know comparing the first presidency with the upcoming election of our 44th  president.  The fine folks at Mount Vernon will try to get as many of your students’ questions on air as possible!

New “Teachers & Students” Section on the Mount Vernon Website.

Teachers should be able to quickly and easily find the resources they need, so the “Learn” section of Mount Vernon’s website now has a section just for you!  At “Teachers & Students,” educators can find lesson plans, learn about distance learning broadcasts, sign up for an Adventures in Learning school program, get a George Washington Portrait for their own school, apply for the Mount Vernon History Teacher of the Year Award or the George Washington Teachers’ Institute, and even play a game or two!

Get Wired! George Washington Wired that is…

Mount Vernon has a brand new blog for educators and wants to hear what YOU have to say!  Go to George Washington Wired and keep up to date with Mount Vernon events, new teacher resources, lesson plans, and special interviews.  Don’t forget to leave a comment!



  1. I want to share with all of you about this page that I found is like teachertube but without all those ads

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