Posted by: Kirsten | Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The Humpbacks of Stellwagen

No, the Stellwagen Humpback isn’t a German-engineered sportscar…

One of the many highlights on our recent trip to Boston was the whale watching tour, which I’m sure several (or many) of you out there have done, perhaps even from the port of Boston. Our family has been on a whale watch in Alaska several years ago — one the kids most likely won’t or don’t even remember. But now that the kids are old enough to appreciate and perhaps even remember this event as they slowly march toward old age, forgetfulness, and senility, I appreciated it myself that much more.  Seeing them get totally lost in the moment, the shock and awe of it all, was worth every penny.

Stellwagen Bank, an underwater plateau at the mouth of Massachusetts Bay, sits pretty much due east of Boston and just north of Cape Cod.  About 12,000 years ago, the Bank was above sea level, but as glaciers melted since the last Ice Age, the bank gradually submerged beneath the sea. It now sits at the heart of Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary — not a National Park Service area, but a national treasure nonetheless.

Stellwagen Bank is rich in sea life, and in the last 50 years the area has grown from the “fisherman’s secret” place to catch many different fish species to one of the top ten whale watching destinations in the world. Yes, the whales come for the same reasons the fishermen do!

So, rather than tell you every detail of our experience, I’d just like to encourage everyone to make the journey themselves one day and experience it on your own terms. I guarantee you’ll return home with a much better sense of our place in the world as the appointed stewards of the delicate balance between enjoyment and abuse of our fellow planetary inhabitants.  Save the whales, and we’ll save ourselves.

More pictures: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven

Parke Diem!
— Jon


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