Posted by: Kirsten | Monday, 26 May 2008

Chimney Rock Chuck Wagon!

Sleeping bags… check.  Tent… check.  Sun screen… check.  Cowgirl and cowboy hat… check.  Lots of underwear and socks… check.  

My daughter and I are heading west on the Great Daddy-Daughter Trip of 2008 early Wednesday morning.  After landing in Denver and driving up toward the Nebraska panhandle, we’ll make our first few stops in the Ash Hollow/Chimney Rock area and follow the Oregon Trail west toward Scotts Bluff National Monument.  Thursday evening we’re planning on a Chuck Wagon Cookout with the Oregon Trail Wagon Train out of Bayard, Nebraska.  The wagons roll out at 5:30pm and dinner around the campfire consists of a 16oz ribeye steak (mmm), baked potato (mmm), creamed green beans (mmm), sourdough bread (mmm), and homemade ice cream (mmm).

We’ll camp out a stone’s throw from Chimney Rock Nat’l Historic Site before continuing our journey the through the wild west.  After Scotts Bluff, we’ll see Agate Fossil Beds Nat’l Monument, Fort Robinson State Park, Fort Laramie in Wyoming, and hopefully take a leisurely drive through Rocky Mountain National Park before flying home next week.

PS – Nebraska trivia that could only be discussed in a homeschooling environment:  The native American name for Chimney Rock was… Elk Penis.  If you think about it, they had no clue what a chimney was!  So why would they ever call it Chimney Rock?  Can you imagine a history teacher in public school actually saying those words in the classroom?  It would be an absolute scandal! 🙂  I told my seven-year-old daughter the hush-hush secret and she thought it was hilarious!  We 21st century Americans are so uptight about that kind of stuff, aren’t we?  I can see it now — Elk Penis National Monument!  And no one would come to see it except maybe college students and well, female elk, I suppose.

Parke Diem!
— Jon


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