Posted by: Kirsten | Sunday, 2 March 2008

Backcountry Tours at Casa Grande Ruins

From an NPS news release and the Casa Grande Ruins website…

In honor of the Arizona Archaeology and Heritage Awareness Month in March, Casa Grande Ruins National Monument will host special tours of the park’s backcountry area, normally closed to the public.  Highlights include the Prehistoric Ballcourt, Compound B, and an ancient roasting pit or “horno”. 

The tours will be offered on Saturday and Sunday mornings from March 1st through March 30th.  Each tour will begin at 9:00 AM and last approximately one hour.  Participants should plan to arrive at the park visitor center by 8:45 AM and will be charged the normal entrance fees.  The tour will cover approximately 1.5 miles over uneven ground, (sorry, this area is not wheelchair accessible), and no one can leave the tour once beyond the picnic area.  Sturdy shoes and water are recommended, with clothing appropriate to current weather conditions

Each tour is limited to ten persons, so call (520) 723-3172 to make your reservations.

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