Posted by: Kirsten | Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Yellowstone’s Roaming Bison Herd: Who’s Gotcher Back?

Oh, if only the bison of Yellowstone were savvy enough to stay within the park boundaries where it’s relatively safe.  The plight of Yellowstone’s bison herd is witnessed each year as they migrate from the higher ground of the national park to the lower valleys surrounding the park each winter.  The NPS boundaries were not defined with the migratory patterns of various species in mind, so while part of the year the bison roam freely within the confines park, during the winter months they are often found “under the gun” and considered a nuisance by many.  As a result, groups such as Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC) do what they can to keep these magnificent creatures out of trouble.  Read the Valentines Day card offer below, check out the BFC website, and see if you’re willing to support their mission. And while you’re reading up on the subject, here’s a BFC kids’ page for the youngin’s…

Send Some “Buffalove” this Valentines Day

From the Buffalo Field Campaign website…

Valentine’s Day is on the near horizon. On this day dedicated to love, we invite you to honor your loved ones with a gift truly from the heart. Instead of (or in addition to) candy, flowers, and trinkets, let Buffalo Field Campaign send a Valentine in your name. It’s cheap and it’s easy yet it means so much!

As a wild buffalo supporter, you already know that BFC operates on the thinnest of shoestrings. Now, with a hunt to monitor — in addition to Department of Livestock and National Park Service activities — that shoestring is pulled even thinner. Your heart-felt contribution will warm OUR hearts through long, cold days in the field defending America’s last wild buffalo.

For a minimum $15 contribution (more gladly accepted!), we’ll send your valentine recipient(s) a special 4-1/4 x 5-1/2″ photo card featuring Yellowstone’s magnificent bison.

These cards are appropriate for ALL your valentines, including that special someone (show him/her what a sensitive and caring individual you are); your mom or dad (show them what a decent human being they raised); your Aunt Edna and Uncle Harvey (show them they’re always in your heart); and the neighbor who feeds your cats when you travel (show her she’s appreciated).

The inscription reads:

(Your Name) has made a contribution to Buffalo Field Campaign in your honor.
This “gift from the heart” is put to work protecting and defending the Yellowstone herd – America’s last wild and free-roaming bison. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Card orders must be received by Monday, February 4; please order early. We’ll time the mailing to arrive by Valentine’s Day. To order, just click on this VALENTINE LINK to BFC’s secure server, donate a minimum of $15 for each card ordered, scroll down to “Valentine Card,” then move below to the “Valentine Info Box” and write the recipient’s name and address as well as how you would like the card signed. To complete, scroll down and fill in general and credit card info.

If you’d rather pay through the mail, send a check along with the name and address of your Valentine and how you’d like the card signed to: BFC, PO Box 957, West Yellowstone, MT 59758.


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