Posted by: Kirsten | Saturday, 15 December 2007

You Can Imagine It with Carl Sandburg

From the NPS website…

Imagine It! — an education website for kids of all ages is a place to discover the life and works of Carl Sandburg. Take a peek and investigate the answer to Carl Sandburg’s question, Where to, What Next?

You may find yourself looking for The Right Word to complete a Sandburg poem, or you may discover how to breed a champion goat in Getting Your Goat. Perhaps you will discover the human traits in the city of Chicago in the activity, Uncover Chicago or you will solve the website’s riddle and be able to take a virtual tour of Carl Sandburg’s Flat Rock, North Carolina home and of Mrs. Sandburg’s dairy goat farm. If so, you may even be able to listen to Carl Sandburg tell a story from his famous Rootabaga Stories or hear one of the songs he collected for his American Songbag collection of American folk songs.

Teacher’s HubSince browsing the entire web site may take more time than you have available, NPS has outlined the site for teachers and provided suggestions for classroom activities. Teachers will also find a list of additional resources, readings, and links.

Additional Resources:

PS — The Carl Sandburg Ho-Ho-Home’s holiday decorations will be on display through January 6th.  According to the park staff, that’s Sandburg’s birthday, and he enjoyed keeping them up in the house until that day.  I hope some of you can get out during the 12 days of Christmas to see them!

— Jon

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