Posted by: Kirsten | Thursday, 13 December 2007

Visit Glacier National Park via Podcast

For those who can’t fathom a winter trip to the Canadian border right about now, the National Park Service and Glacier National Park have made a number of podcasts available for your viewing and reviewing pleasure.  Be sure to check ’em out!

From the NPS website…

Summer Backcountry Camping Video

Glacier National Park is bear country! Do you know how to react if you see one on the trail? How do I cross that rushing stream? What do I do with my food? There is a lot to know about backcountry camping in Glacier. The information contained in this video will provide backcountry users, or anyone interested in outdoor activities in Glacier National Park, with basic safety information. It also introduces “Leave No Trace” concepts and is an essential tool to plan a successful overnight experience in the park. Day-hikers and the casual visitor to Glacier will also enjoy this introduction to the wilds of one of the most spectacular and wild areas in the world.

Winter Backcountry Camping Video

Winter is a special time in Glacier. The crowds are gone and a peaceful quiet descends over the park. However, just as it is a time of great challenge for the plants and animals that live here, it is also a time of unique challenges that are faced by only the hardiest of souls willing to venture into the backcountry on skis or snowshoes. Hypothermia, frostbite, and avalanches need to be factored in to any winter backcountry trip. This video will aid in planning a successful winter overnight experience in the park. Park visitors not planning on this level of extreme winter recreation will appreciate the challenges highlighted in this short vignette into Glacier’s winter.

Bear Safety in Glacier National Park

Park Wildlife Biologist John Waller explains about bear behavior and how to hike and travel safer on the trails in Glacier National Park. Learn why it’s not a good idea to walk quietly and how best to react to a surprise encounter with one of the parks largest and most magnificent residents.

Glacier and Climate Change

USGS Research Ecologist Fan Fagre examines the ongoing climate change research in Glacier National Park, using the park’s rapidly receding glaciers, and highlights the ramifications to the entire ecosystem.

Grizzly Bear Research

Glacier’s grizzly bears are revealing a complex picture of themselves and the park through some cutting-edge DNA research being conducted by USGS Research Ecologist Kate Kendall.

Glacier’s Geologic History

Former Park Ranger Chris Weiss explains the rich geologic history of this part of the Rocky Mountains and highlights some of Glacier’s unique features.

More podcasts:

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