Posted by: Kirsten | Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Electronic Field Trips

Electronic Field Trips Bring You to the Parks You Can’t Visit
Electronic Field Trips from Ball State University
Ball State University’s Electronic Field Trips website is a great way to see parks you can’t visit.  It also allows you to see and learn about aspects of these parks that you might otherwise miss during a relaxed family vacation.

The current park featured on the EFT site is Grand Teton National Park, one of the two Parks of the Month for September here at Homeschool Rangers! Three “webisodes” (web episodes) have already been broadcast to the site this month, but you can still view these webisodes in whatever manner fits your busy schedule.  However, you’ll want to be sure you’re caught up by October 16th to catch their live TV broadcast at two times 10am and 1pm Eastern Time. Check out the webisodes on “The Wild, Wild West”, “Off to a Rocky Start”, and “Fitting In Around Here”. New webisodes pop up each Monday until the October 16th event, followed by one or two Q&A (question and answer) webisodes that address the many questions submitted by viewers over the several-week event.

To get to the Grand Teton webisodes, go to the home page ( then click on View Website, then the Webisodes link. (Note that you may have to click on some of links twice because of the Macromedia Flash interface used on this site.) You can also register to receive lesson plans and other resources to be used in conjunction with the Electronic Field Trip, and there is some cost involved for that, however right now there’s a Children’s Foundation Scholarship available to cover the cost.  All you have to do is click on that as your payment method and you’re good to go!

Check out the broadcasts and please consider returning here to share your thoughts about the program. If we all help each other, our homeschooling adventure will be a much smoother one.  Thanks for reading…

— Jon

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