Posted by: Kirsten | Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Friends of Saguaro, Indeed!

Friends of Saguaro National Park If you’re planning on a visit to the desert Southwest, you MUST plan a visit to this site first.

Friends of Saguaro National Park
Every once in a while you stumble onto a website that you want to tell EVERYONE about, and Friends of Saguaro National Park’s site is one of those special places. In fact, I think their Kids’ Page should be the envy of NPS webmasters across the country.

The Kid’s Fun Center includes such titles as: Factoids and Factettes; Kids Helping Saguaro; Stop, Look, and Listen; Kids Links; Park Scenes Slide ‘n’ Click; Click-A-State; National Park Pics; Kids Poems You Gave Us.

There’s also an Activity Games section with: Card Games; Ping Pong Games; Tic Tac Toe Games; Mystery Letters Games; Word Search Games; Who Gets Who?; Word Scramble; Madlibs; Puzzles; and Anagrams.

Trivia and Quizzes, Humour Corner, Games, and Silly Stuff round out the content of this fantastic resource for parents looking to make the most of their little learners’ visit to Saguaro National Park.

And that’s only the Kids’ Page.  Check out this page and the rest of the extensive and informative site,  including the “Saguaro NP” page where kids and adults alike can conduct serious research on the park’s habitats, wildlife, resources, and other topics — you won’t be disappointed!

— Jon


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